Hello friend! Who are you?

Welcome to our community. :sunny:

Now tell us something about yourself. Hmm, maybe lets start with what brings you here? Or what about sharing a picture of the most recent critter that you appreciated? I’d like to see that :slight_smile: What would you like to share with us?

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I’ll go, why not.

I live in a veeery green place. I spent a long long time enjoying the mystery of nature, mostly with fear. Feeling really safe only in the comfort of my technology, disconnected from what was going on outside. But open to the adventure, always :sunglasses:

Then one day I saw the world on fire, humans being toxic to each other, and I found myself in quarantine, alone, isolated. Or at least that was the narrative, that first day was heavy!

The next day I found a huge mountain in the backyard, full of fantastic beings. They were just doing their thing. Some were in a party, others were preparing their meals, a few were taking a break under the sun before continuing their long journey. I was there with them, sometimes helping, sometimes getting in the way, mostly just observing in awe. I felt welcome, I felt an embrace, and no more fear.

Now I’m here to share my solar punk research. I have so many questions about healing our relation with these beings that we have abused for so long. I have nothing close to an answer, but I guess I’ll start by assisting this community. I’m here to make sure that we have a safe space to talk about our ideas, fears, and our connection and disconnection to the land and to the technology. If you feel lost and don’t know where to start, talk to me! We’ll be lost together.

I also want to share this critter. It’s a mushroom. It’s tentacular. It’s weird :heart_eyes:

Who wants to go next?


I’ll go next! My name is Manuel, but most friends call me Manu. I lived most of my life in Buenos Aires, and after being in quarantine for most of 2020, decided to move south to Bariloche, in the Argentine Patagonia.

A much smaller city in the middle of mountains, life there was in constant contact with nature in all its forms: animals, plants, fungi, mountains, lakes, fresh air, the sky and stars. I “remembered” we humans are also part of the natural world (it’s easy to forget that when living in a big city), and in great part this contact inspired the creation of Rewilder.

To continue with @CalalooEverybodyLoves’s “tradition”, I’ll share a pic of one my favorite organism(s), lichen. Did you know lichen is actually a symbiosis of fungi and algae? Algae perform photosynthesis and provide carbon to the fungi, which extract and provide nutrients from the substrate (usually rock or wood). As Trevor Goward put it, “Lichens are fungi that have discovered agriculture”. They also look like tiny forests. Here’s one I found while walking in a reserve in Uruguay:

(finger for scale)

I’m excited to be a part of this community, and I’m curious to know more about everyone else!


Nice to know about you two! Now Juan here.

I was born, raised, and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina, most of my life I spend it over there, although I love to travel and that took me to many places of this planet.

After a long trip by bicycle in 2018 I came to the conclusion that my time in the city was over and moved to a farm in Uruguay. I wrote the following by that time, and it is still the best summary of how I think, feel and what I pursue in the next stage of my life:

People for a long time lived in open spaces, we had simple lives, contemplating nature, which made us enjoy tranquility - in some occasions, some societies were lucky enough to develop a deep spirit of love and freedom. Life was hard too, we had to work long days for food, shelter, and even worst, every so often a more powerful and greedy being (sometimes in the name of god), or even a diseases/natural disaster, could appear and without much to be done, we were gone.

But by the beginning of the XX century, we started gathering in bigger communities, they became “cities”, it made a lot of sense: food, energy, shelter, health and security were more available. In very few decades we became more comfortable, open minded, and we fought for people’s rights as never before. Technology is so accesible that develops a sense of abundance of our dreams, but that abundance is making us more alienated to nature, other beings and in the end very isolated and stressed.

I think it’s time to find a balance between those two lifestyles and reshape civilization, we need to develop a space were we can enjoy the peace and harmony of nature, while we can also take advantage of the collective intelligence of the world. Today, we have the opportunity to find accesible, efficient and low maintenance technologies to provide food, energy and shelter, while we can also develop specialization and teamwork remotely. Even better, we have the chance to gather in small groups for fast decision making, while we also assure safety and cooperation.

I’m going through that journey, living on the grid for knowledge, but off the grid for mindfulness. There’s much I’ve learnt and many more ahead, and although it might not be the option to everyone of us, I believe that while things get more confused, degraded and hopeless, this might be an alternative to explore.

Today I live with my girlfriend ,our cat and of course all the lovely wild species we can find in a rural area of Rocha, where we build our house and grow our food. It has been probably the biggest and more challenging change of my life, many things to learn and adapt, so far, we are very happy and looking forward to what may come.

Following the tradition of sharing a life specie that we like or got curious, here is a climbing plant that grows in the region I live. I love the idea of a tree that can share it’s trunk with other species, the faculty to coexist in harmony and of course, it’s lovely silhouette. :smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Sven.

I’ve always loved both, big cities and the wilderness. But over time, the pull towards nature grew stronger and stronger. So I started wondering: What to do to make a difference, to make an impact?
I’ve seen so many cities with almost no old architecture left and people asking why all of them got replaced with concrete. People thought concrete is better than a traditional stone houses and now they reconsider. I think we’re on the same path with nature.

That got me thinking that making space for nature to be and remain the way it is could be the thing I want to do. We cannot wait until all people realize that we cannot survive without nature.

Creating or being part of a community to protect nature but also reconnect humans with nature was the logical conclusion for me. Now I’m happy that many more think alike. Thank you @CalalooEverybodyLoves for letting me know!


So nice to know a little bit more about each of you!

My turn, I guess. I’m Sofi. I grew up in a small town called Pergamino, near Buenos Aires. I was privileged to spend my childhood on a farm surrounded by trees and birds. My dad was a farmer, so my family and I would spend most of our time there. We had a garden with herbs and vegetables, which my mom would use in her cooking.

Although I enjoyed getting my hands dirty on the farm, I dreamed of visiting big cities around the world. I was lucky enough to do it. Travelling has been fun but also a real eye-opener. Soon enough, you discover the huge impact we have on the environment and the responsibility we share as a community. And even if sometimes seems like it might be too late to make a difference, there’s no time like the present to do so.

I have enjoyed my adventures, but sometimes a desire to go back to those simple moments of calmness transmitted by the sound of the bird, the smell of a plant strike me. Here is a recent shot that reminded me of the beauty in the simplicity of nature.

A bald eagle, from my recent trip to San Juan Island.


To help Nature, what a bold statement. Hitherto humans have never really thought they had such an impact. But here we are: in the brink of climate change, species dying for good, resources being depleted, and more humans being born than ever before.

One day, walking back to my house, I heard a beautiful bird sing and realized that I couldn’t identify it. This made me felt so distant from nature and from the species that lived around me. That small, but crucial insight, made me question the city, made me question our separation from nature. And since then, I’ve been trying to get closer. Living in rural areas, looking more at nature, walking more, and trying to be more present. Nature has helped me appreciate life a lot more, I increasingly enjoy those spaces, those moments where there’s nothing more important than the slight breeze in the air.

I feel like to rewild, is more than an external process. It starts, I guess, from disappointment, a feeling that should blossom into something beautiful and can spread beyond our skin. That being said, I’m glad to know your stories, and I hope to keep learning how to evolve my relationship with Nature.

(I chose this photo because I’m fascinated by the different ways that nature fights back)


I am Charly, from Costa Rica.

I remember being a kid and being curious about everything around. Specially things that moved by themselves, we usually call those… animals. With much innocence I would caress or destroy them to understand what was going on there. But eventually it was the humble plants that really caught my attention: so still and strong and resilient, tiny or massive. And always at the same place… I could come back to the same plant day after day to notice the smallest changes. I learned to pay attention and also to take care. I learned to love and to mourn when a tree from the way to school was cut down because it was reaching the electric wires of the street. I thought that we forget about what being alive means. What a blessing and we take it for granted, we decide when and where to end a life most of the time without any reflection upon it.

It’s true that life sustains life. We must take other life forms in order to survive. And that is the way of nature. However we have the ability to make it less violent. Less cruel. More empathic. More tender. And for me that is learning to coexist. Understanding that we hold no place above or below other life forms, that there are enough resources in nature to give every human being a dignified existence in harmony with other life forms, but not enough to satisfy human greed.

I’m here because I love @CalalooEverybodyLoves and the people that revolve around him are most probably also beautiful, smart and humble. I’m happy to be in a community where love and hope are shared.

I’m a biologist and always willing to show anyone around this paradise that is Costa Rica. So everyone welcome.


Hey friends,

Thank you for creating this space and for offering an example of ethical crypto project!

My name is Cata and I am interested in mindfulness, nature, technology, ethics, but most of all I hope to learn how to live in harmony with nature. The “surrounding” nature but also my own nature :slight_smile:

I have been developing a free mindfulness app with Zen insights over the last 5 years: https://plumvillage.app/

More recently I have been working with a friend on building a new project at http://earth.fm/ and considered adding a web3 layer of fundraising to it but changed our mind at the last moment due to the general shallow and greedy vibe of the crypto space that I feel in this moment. It may be only my perception :slight_smile:

That’s it from me, I am happy to have been one of the early supporters of Rewilder! :tada:


Hi there! My name is Malena, and I am loving this room :slight_smile:

I live in the city, but since I was a kid I had a special bond and contact with nature, being fascinated by its forms, colors, incredible shapes, transformation and movement. I get moved by its (im)perfect beauty <3

I have a collection of more than 10k photos of details from nature, that come from spending hours of walking slowly and stopping at each leaf, fungi, tree or tiny plant that is on my way.

Sharing two photos of the kind of ¨Micro Mundos¨ that I love.


nice! been in plum village twice (in one occasion for a retreat of 10 days) but didn’t know about the app, I’m going to try it out.

thanks a lot! wow a 10 days retreat is pretty special! :cherry_blossom:

lovely photos Malena!! :cherry_blossom:

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