Launching plan for this site

The main purpose of this site is to be transparent about how we spend the funds that we received during the first rewilder campaign.

In here the stewards will report about their work to find the land that will allow us to continue the experiment, we will be sharing theories and projects to inspire and guide us, and we will focus on having fun with our community and all the abundance we have to share.

Once the work for the first land is done, we are left with many questions that we can explore here together. Like how passive or active should we be on the rewilding? how are we going to split the NFTs and how are we going to keep them symbiotic with the land its critters? should we continue the fund raising to purchase more land in other places? how do we keep this project decentralized, low-maintenance, and solar punk?

Here are a few simple tasks to get started. Feel free to add more and take ownership, if you feel like contributing would be fun.

:white_check_mark: [@CalalooEverybodyLoves] Install the discourse server and configure it
:white_check_mark: [@CalalooEverybodyLoves] Invite the stewards
:white_check_mark: [@stewards] Invite our friends
:white_check_mark: [@maraoz] Send an announcement to the mailing list
:black_square_button: After a donation is received, invite the donors to join the community
:black_square_button: Improve the appearance of this site
:black_square_button: Activate our twitter account to invite more people?
:black_square_button: Explain what is an NFT and how we are using them to form a symbiotic relation between donors, the land, and the critters that inhabit it.

A good place to explain this might be our wiki/docs site: