Mailing list announcement

We want to invite the subscribers of our mailing list to join this community so they can participate in the decisions and the future of the project.

This is a draft for the announcement. It is a wiki, feel free to edit and improve it.

Welcome to the Rewilder community

Our stewards are currently working on purchasing the first land in order to continue this Rewilder experiment after the successful initial funding campaign.

We appreciate all of you for supporting this project. For the next step to succeed we have to be transparent with how we spend the funds and for this we will need more ideas and more hands and more friends and more hugs.

We want to invite you to join the Rewilder community. Together, we will share our abundance and super powers to figure out how we can heal all the things that we broke. First tell us who you are: Hello friend! Who are you?

If you’d like to continue just receiving updates, this newsletter will still function. We encourage you to also join the community forum. We’ll use the forum for long-form discussions and project proposals.

I say we send this tomorrow! :slight_smile: @maraoz can you please take care of it, or give me access?