Should we use our twitter account?

We have a twitter account that is inactive:

Should we activate it to invite people to this community? I’m not sure, so I’d like to hear opinions.

It could work to get more people to donate and to help. However, this project is not about marketing for fomo and not about just collecting a lot of money.

We have to do things differently in all of our interactions, not just with the land but also with the technology, with our community, and with the money. I don’t think that twitter is a healthy space to get this started. I don’t know.

We might find a way to make a healthy social media presence. A rewilded twitter account in the midst of all the lies.

What do you think?

At the very least, I think the account should be renamed to RewilderXYZ.

I agree that twitter is not a healthy social network. We only created the twitter account to “save” the username and have an official user (to help avoid scams), but I don’t think we should use it yet. It’s also too time consuming to maintain. I’d keep it “dormant” for now.

I disagree here. I think RewilderOrg is better than RewilderXYZ :slight_smile:

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